About Us

The Company


Pitter Platter was established in Kolkata in 2013. With all leading brands in tableware and dinnerware under one roof, Pitter Platter has a wide range of designs to suit your needs – from high range luxury products to more affordable yet classy brands.

We currently have two stores in prime locations of Kolkata. Having grown from strength to strength, today we are recognised as a trusted brand that puts our customers’ needs first.

Along with well renowned brands like Versace, Noritake, Rosenthal, Vista Alegre and many others, we are proud to showcase our specially curated in-house brand, Grey Rose.
Grey Rose is a fine porcelain tableware brand, crafted to perfection. Our exclusive range of Grey Rose tableware is available in our stores.
At Pitter Platter we believe that when you evolve, your living space should too!


We genuinely want you to enjoy each and every piece you collect from Pitter Platter for years to come. This means that we never lose our focus on quality. We endeavour to provide products of unparalleled quality by bringing only the best and most sought after brands that embody luxury, comfort and creativity across the globe.